yeah it's crap

Okay so A million ways to die in the West is pretty much my new favorite comedy, it’s ever up there among my favorite movies

Comedies rarely make me laugh


NO I DID NOT because it isn’t one of those vibrant amazing looking thai stews, but it is incredibly tasty c:

Chicken, onions, mushrooms, bamboo, beans, spinach, coconut milk, red curry paste… I just sorta throw whatever in there

A million ways to die in the west is so far super hilarious

I made Thai stew with all sorts of vegetables and I offered some to my grandma AND SHE LIKED IT


MOOD ^ 1000

If I had to choose two snacks that would be the only two snacks I could ever have for the rest of my life (this is including regular food), it’d DEFINITELY be Doritos and Chili nuts.

Too much skyrim don't cha think? And What's the test on?

NEVER TOO MUCH SKYRIM *playing right now*

And it was maths. In swedish so idk how to translate the thingies

I know you'll do your best and that's all that matters to me! Maybe it'll be like the last one and you'll do much better than you expect. I'll always believe in you and cheer you on :D

The test was SO HARD URGH

I answered all questions but one and I KNOW I got one wrong

I have played so much Skyrim today




I’m currently playing as the female Khajiit Sethe, a cunning, brave and risk taking young thief. She’s clever and doesn’t hesitate to make offensive remarks; but only to those who she knows she can either outwit, outrun or overpower.

She grew up on the borders of Elseweyr or however it’s spelled, born into service of an upper class farm family. She was hid by her mother because if the family she worked for found out she had a child, she’d be thrown out with her offspring. Sethe grew up in the shadows and mold of the old cellar, she learned to hide swiftly, to steal. She was about eight years old when the owner of the farm found her. He tortured her in front of her mother and the other two Khajiit slaves, to make a point, and them threw them out. Sethe and her mother traveled for years, eventually reaching Skyrim. Sethe went into a camp at night to steal food for the two of them and she was caught by the imperial army.

So now she’s doing what she can to survive, and has promised herself that when she finds her mother, they will never have to live in the dark again.

Playing as an actual proper character with a personality and back story, which guide your decisions, is the only way to play Skyrim.

I am so unbelievably worried about the test tomorrow

it just.. it doesn’t feel like there’s any way I can pass it

I didnt have to go to the store today because dad came over and sorted everything out for me.

Such a relief.