yeah it's crap

Thank you for all the sweet messages. As you can imagine, I won’t reply to many, if any at all.. I’m just not up to it. I don’t want to think about that fact she’s gone.

We’ve decided that we will carve a hand sized paw into the big boulder that’s down by the shore of our summerplace. It’s past that boulder we’ve raced Milla to the water since we were little kids, it’s by that boulder Milla always rolls around after a swim, it’s by that boulder she’s dropped the seaweed she’s collected, it’s on top of that boulder we have sat with her many many times.

With her pawprint on it, we can touch it and feel close to her as we go into the water.

Her ashes will be released into the ocean she loved.

My best friend is gone forever

Rest in peace Milla

On our way to the vet with Milla for the last time…

I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts

Oh? What's the new blog? And I'm glad to see you feel better.

I’m not going to promote it, but i’m not going to hide it either. It’s out there somewhere

Hey, feeling a little better? emotionally I mean. Sorry if I came out a bit rude and nosy yesterday. I just have this habit of sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. But I do like your stuff and it is a shame when you do remove it, because I think it's important that you do put something out there for others to enjoy other than what is expected of you. Otherwise you do start feeling like a machine y'know.

I’m feeling a bit better I suppose. Milla’s feeling better so that makes me feel better.

I know.. I just wasn’t feeling right yesterday. I needed some feedback to cheer me up as Milla was getting worse and worse, and then just, I got like, 2 notes in an hour and I just felt defeated.

But now I’ve actually started a new pony blog, experimenting a bit with my style, and that’s keeping my focus off sad and bad things

I can’t stop thinking about Milla and you, I really hope everything will turn out for the best

I hope so too..

I wish I wasn’t bedridden, but, such is life.

Of course I get a high fever with a sinus infection (it feels like my teeth will fall out if i take too heavy steps) so that i’m pretty much bedridden.

again. sigh.. i want to spend time with Milla.. I hope my family change their mind about letting her go, she’s feeling better.. even though i know it’s probably time.. ;n;

urgh time to busy myself with a side project

I'm so sorry to hear about Milla. No one will expect you to only be happy, things like this cause great sadness which can be very hard to cope with. Your friends, followers and I are all here for you.

I just..

all the things i’ve done, all the time i’ve wasted on doing idiotic shit like art watch movies, time i could’ve spent with her

i don’t want her to go. she.. seems to be feeling better, but… i don’t know if my family will go back on the fact they think it’s time for her to go