I suppose I’m not relevant anymore..

Yesterday night, I had a case of Cluster Headache. I wanted to gouge my eye out, it felt like I had thorny branches trying to grow from my head and out of my eye. It was so painful that I couldn’t speak properly so I slurred, and my body was shaking uncontrollably.

I’ve never been through pain like that before. It lasted for at least two hours and I was crying constantly because of the intensity of the pain. And I’m a girl who’s used to headaches.

It seems like too much of a coincidence that i get this seizure when I’ve been outside all day, while our neighbour has been burning toxic items and rubber like an idiot.

I’ve been doing more traditional sketching lately. They’re not great but whatever.

Some fakemon and a creature inspired by water and diamonds. Because why not.

I want a Varacano. Seriously I just picked up my art book and said “okay, i’m going to make an incredibly useful pokémon that is like a dragon but isn’t dragon.

And it ended up being a Poison/Fire type with the Levitate ability. Both Poison and Fire are weak to ground so Levitate negates that. It can learn fly and several Dragon type moves despite not being an actual Dragon type. It can probably also learn moves like Crunch, Metal Claw, Horn Leech and perhaps even Solar Beam.

It’s not like it can’t be beat lol it’s still weak against Water, Rock and Psychic. But it’s pretty neat.

Spring is finally here, Sweden is getting prettier by the day.

Date went well! No sparks, but a possible new friend.



"And I don’t.. Exactly live in ponyville, but thank you regardless..!”

yes i shall rebagel posts until i am satisfied

askrosequartz asked: Will Palette still lose her horn in the new blog? :'O

I have a feeling I’ll be getting a lot of asks about that. But as of right now, i have no plans for that.

g-mod asked: Hope you are having a nice day

I am! And I’m going to be having an even better day tomorrow! 8D

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f0xm0d asked: O0O your restarting pallets blog!! :D yay!! I only have 1 question. Does that mean she won't know Joen?

YES i’m restarting Palette’s blog! Dunno who this Pallet people are asking for is. Must be a chef pony.

And yes, it does! Completely new slate, blank canvas. She won’t even have Ruby!

Don’t worry though, Ruby shall happen.

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