yeah it's crap
Oh Frida, that’s just how life is tho xD Come on, you can do this, its just like when you started doing your diet, it sucked at first but the results were satisfactory!

starting my diet didn’t make me doubt my intelligence or feel completely worthless as a human being, it didn’t make me cry, it didn’t make me feel like i’ll never succeed

this is, nothing like starting my diet

((Since you mentioned Scandinavian mythology for the Leitoh region, how about an evolution or mega evolution of Chevacier based on Sleipnir of Norse mythology?))

I am DEFINITELY doing that. I LOVE Sleipnir.

Hey there, it's been a while. Tell me is there no way to make things a little better for yourself? Have fun whilst studying? When I studied I pulled up some That Guy with the Glasses reviews and had them in the background whilst I did stuff. Maybe take a break every now and again. Try and make something optimistic from a bad situation. It's hard, I know but you'll feel better in the long run. Also I can guarantee at least one person at BUCK who is not sure whether their time will be good or not.

Studying isn’t fun in any way though.. It’s better when I’m studying with my friends though, but it’s still so much in so little time.

Seriously. Yesterday, they gave up pages 38-47 to do. FOR TOMORROW.

that’s not even TWO FUCKING DAYS to plow through nearly ten pages of math!

Everyone is going to BUCK and are gonna have so much fun and here I sit on the train home fighting the urge to cry because I have hours and hours of math to study and when it’s done for the day I’m so tired I can’t even draw or work on my book I can barely watch funny videos because I’m so tired

This is no way to live

have… to walk… dog….

must… resist… urge… to sleep…

Are you getting enough sleep at night, Frida? I can only think that if you're tired AND forgot your glasses, you must have been in a hurry this morning.

thing is I am getting enough sleep. I make sure to get at LEAST 7 hours sleep each night, preferably 8.

but i have a hard time falling asleep and i wake up tired

I’ve now been studying math since 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

I am beyond exhausted.

I also forgot my glasses at my friend’s place


Frida,i know about medicine and these symptoms is like appendicitis,go to hospital,medic or something,appendcitis is only an operation of 30 min-1hour but if you dont go on time,can and is mortal so...go to hospital

I.. I’m sure it’s not, it’ll probably have passed in the morning

or, I hope it will have

you should go to a doctor, he will tell you what is it and what to do with it

…. maybe

tell you what if it doesn’t go away by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll go to the doctor